Board Changes and Nominations

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Board Changes and Nominations

Every year, October brings us the GGR board of directors elections. That means that every September ahead of the election, we assemble a committee to determine the board’s nominations for the positions up for election. Before I get to the nominations though, I have an exciting change to our board to announce. 

For many years, our fun run program has been run under the stewardship of Michael Griffin, GGR’s Vice President, and Bern Beecham, Social Director. Since it’s inception, Michael and Bern have tirelessly worked to make the fun run program hugely successful, with 10 or more events per year, all of which sell out within hours of registration opening. Attendees are consistently ecstatic with the routes and social opportunities, and the program has become a pillar of the club. I’d like to extend a huge thank you to Michael and Bern for making this program what it is today. 

And because the fun run program has become such an important part of the club, and as we plan to expand into new / returning driving event types like rallies, I’m excited to say we’ve decided to expand the board of directors to include a dedicated Motoring Director. The bylaws amendment to create this position, the first new board position since we added Autocross and Track Directors over 7 years ago, will go to vote as part of the election. 

Now, to the nominations! We stagger the board terms so that we never shuffle through an entire board in one year, and so this year we have up for election Vice President, Treasurer, Membership Director, Autocross Director, Social Director, Motoring Director, and Nugget Editor. 

  • For Vice President, the board is nominating John Celona, who has been a dedicated volunteer and held board positions for over a decade, including being a past president and secretary
  • We’re delighted to ask that Bryan Phan continue for a second term as Treasurer. Bryan has brought huge enthusiasm and energy to this role, and we couldn’t be happier about him accepting this second nomination 
  • Michael Sherman, well known to many of you as the welcoming face at most of our events, receives the nomination for Membership Director, a position he has driven since 2011
  • After stepping into the role in an interim capacity in January and diving in head first, executing a fantastic program all year, Ed Hunter will receive the nomination as Autocross Director
  • As our first ever nominee for the new position, we’re excited to ask Robert Habibi to take on Motoring Director after his years of dedicated work on the fun run program, including pioneering our successful overnight events
  • Coming to the board full of ideas and energy, Serena Cheng has stepped up for the nomination for Social Director 
  • Taking on double duty for now, John Celona has also offered to continue as Nugget Editor

Please join me in congratulating these nominees, and look out for your chance to vote in October!

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