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Porsche GT3 Blk Leather Seat x2

OEM Porsche GT3 Blk Leather Seat x2
Includes mounting hardware for both seats. LIKE NEW.
$2,400 OBO.
Produced by Recaro, the FIA-approved GT3 seat is ergonomically designed for

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2007 The Nugget

[url=]December 07 The Nugget[/url][color=white]———-[/color][url=]November 2007 The Nugget[/url]

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1/19/08 Autocross Schedule

The Autocross schedule is up to date. Note that an event was added in November. Click on the calendar menu on the left and submit autocross for all the dates.

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Zone 7 with all of its Regions

Just click on the site you would like to go to.

[url=][size=15]Zone 7 Website[/size][/url]
[url=]Diablo Website[/url]

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1/13/08 Awards Event

A good time was had by all who went to this event. Check out the recent pictures. Click on the Photo Links on the left.

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1/14/08 AX & TT Class

It has come to the attention of most members that, their car is moving up in class. The new tire rules and the new seat harness rules will change your points.

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Autocross Schedule

Because of the Crab Feed that Sacramento Region is having, the
Autocross schedule will be revised. Also expect to see a date
added in November. More information will be coming.

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