Autocross #7 Report

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Autocross #7 Report

Autocross #7 Report

September’s Autocross was yet another sold out event (this time at Marina) with 70 drivers. The course a re-use of the previous day’s LPR course and the next to the last Zone 7 event of the season and was well received. There were wide lanes and plenty of space to experiment with different racing lines (both right and wrong…)

While the Saturday event was super windy, with driving sand, Sunday was a nice pretty typical day for Marina.

Top class finishers below:

Class Top Finisher Year Type Best Time # in Class
AX02 Monte P 2018 911 GT3 36.53 5
AX03 Dave D 1970 911 Race Car 37.37 2
AX04 Ed H 2015 911 GT3 38.53 7
AX05 Alan J 2016 Cayman GT4 39.06 3
AX06 Doug B 2011 Boxster Spyder 39.39 7
AX07 Teddy F 2015 Cayman GTS 38.73 15
AX08 Himanshu P 2014 Cayman S 39.80 5
AX09 Connie L 2014 Boxster S 40.53 4
AX10 Allen Lo 2011 911 GTS 42.73 3
AX11 RJ H 2008 Boxster 40.44 5
AX12 Brant B 2001 Boxster 40.46 1
AX14 Terry Z 1968 911 L 43.16 3

Monte P took TTOD with a 36.53 in his GT3 shod with Hoosiers, beating out the rest of slick-shod contingent by half a second. Monte also took 1st place in PAX for the event, 3rd time in a row. The following table lists PAX winners so far this year by event. Monte is also currently leading PAX overall.

Event # Class Top Finisher Year Type
1 AX02 Steve L 2011 997 GT3RS
2 AX02 Andrew B 1975 914 Race Car
3 AX02 Steve L 2011 997 GT3RS
4 AX12 Brant B 2001 986 Boxster
5 AX02 Monte P 2018 991.2 GT3
6 AX02 Monte P 2018 991.2 GT3
6 AX02 Monte P 2018 991.2 GT3

Several of us closely inspected Monte’s car but were unable to locate the hidden nitrous bottle (gotta be there somewhere).

Full results can be found here:

The next AX event is back at Alameda. As I just got back from the last event a few hours ago, I have not yet posted the event, but it will be up soon (perhaps when this newsletter goes out) at the following URL:

If you’re interested, I’d advise signing up sooner rather than later. Every AX event so far this year has sold out in 2-3 weeks, well before the event. Only 2 more events remain this year, then it’s on to winter projects! Last 2 events:

  • Autocross #8 – October 19 ALAMEDA (Saturday)
  • Autocross #9 – November 16 ALAMEDA (Saturday)

Ed Hunter

Autocross Director 2018-2019

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