Autocross #3 Report

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Autocross #3 Report

Autocross #3 was approved by Joe (note the thumbs up)

The weather forecast proved correct when the rain came in around 11am, but we managed to get in 3 dry runs before the rains came (note the top down!):

..and 3 wet runs in the afternoon before packing it in early and heading home to keep dry. No Porsches were harmed by the slightly wet afternoon runs, actually quite exhilarating to run at high speed in the rain.

It was another sold out event at Alameda, we had 105 pre-register and 75 attended the event. 

Top finishers:

ClassTop FinisherYearTypeBest Time# in Class
AX02Steve L2011911 GT3RS52.265
AX03Dave D1970911 Race Car56.831
AX04Ed H2015911 GT354.039
AX05Alan J2016Cayman GT455.165
AX06Fredy  E2014Carrera S57.264
AX07Teddy F2015Cayman GTS55.3213
AX08Drew P2014Cayman S55.6412
AX09Shannon Y2007Cayman S56.788
AX10Jason M2013Boxster59.336
AX11Luis A2006Boxster62.915
AX12Brant B2001Boxster59.314
AX14Caevon H1980911 L64.233
AX15Alexander A197291498.601
AX16Reubin R197391473.001

Full results can be found here: you missed AX3, don’t worry, AX4 registration is now open and here’s the link:, or for compatible mobile devices:

If you’re interested, I’d advise signing up sooner rather than later. I put the link up less than a week ago and as of right now 68 of the 105 slots are already spoken for. Last month, registration filled up less than 24 hours after the newsletter was published.

There is a school the day before AX4, but it’s long since filled up, so you were able to procure a slot, congratulations! If not, just come out to AX4 as we will have instructors there as well to help you out, no problem.

As a reminder, here are the season dates again, they’re coming up quick. They have also been added to the GGR Calendar on the Website.

  • Autocross School– June 22 ALAMEDA(Saturday) – SOLD Out -Waitlisted
  • Autocross #4-June 23 ALAMEDA(Sunday) – REG OPEN
  • Autocross #5-July 13 ALAMEDA (Saturday)
  • Autocross #6-August 17ALAMEDA (Saturday)
  • Autocross #7– September 29 (joint ZONE 7 weekend with LPR at MARINA) (Sunday)
  • Autocross #8-October 19 ALAMEDA (Saturday)
  • Autocross #9-November 16 ALAMEDA(Saturday)

One last thing, this is the last year of my term as autocross chair, so here’s your chance for fame and glory! You can just tell that guy is having fun. That can be you!

Just let me know that you’re interested or sign up as “ax chair” for the next event and that will be your worker position going forward as I “train” you. There’s some paperwork, you run MSR, give the safety briefing (instead of just listening to it) and get to decide how many runs we get, not much more than that. If you’ve been autocrossing for more than 5 years, it’s time to step up and give back and for a 2 year term as “AX Chair”. Someone’s gotta do it. Thanks to past Autocross chairs Andrew B, Chris H, Joe L and Paul S who ran the events when I was learning to autocross. I appreciate it.

Ed Hunter

Autocross Director 2018-2019

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