Autocross #2 Report & Showroom Stock PAX Adjustments

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Autocross #2 Report & Showroom Stock PAX Adjustments

Spring has arrived, and we had the sun to prove it at GGR’s 2ndAutocross event of the 2018 season. In typical Marina fashion there was fog during setup, then warm weather until the marine layer moved in and back on with the jackets.

We had 67 drivers present at the event, which was also the 2ndZone 7 event of the year (LPR having hosted the previous day as the 1stZone event of the year). The GGR course on Sunday was a slightly modified version of the LPR course of the previous day, but run in reverse.

Drivers received 10 runs each, divided over 2 run groups. The fastest time was 40.535, with most runs falling somewhere in the 40’s.

The course clearly favored Porsche cars from the 70’s, with the top 5 cars dating from 1970-1975, led by Andrew Blyholder in his 914. Right behind the classics was Greg Adams in his 2016 GT4, with the fastest time posted by a non-70’s automobile. GGR results are posted here: the Zone 7 results will be sent soon to all that registered with a non-fun zone classification.

I’ve had a few requests regarding the PAX adjustments necessitated by the new National/Zone classes for showroom stock so I’d like to take a quick moment to explain to those of you who might be interested. We decided to include Showroom Stock 7-13 only because we didn’t have anyone running in the other “new” classes. In order not to give an unfair advantage to anyone choosing to run in Showroom Stock, the PAX score is simply tied to the most competitive car in each bracket:

SS07 Cayman S (981: 2013‐ 2016) except GTS/GT4 0.962
SS08 911 Carrera (993: 1995‐1998), All except Turbo 0.928
SS09 911 Carrera 2/4 Turbo (964: 1990‐1994) 0.938
SS10 911 Carrera (991: 2012‐On), All except 991S/GTS 0.962
S11 Boxster Spyder (2010‐2012) and (2016‐On) 0.979
S12 996/997 GT3 (2004‐2013) 0.97
S13 918 (2014‐On) 1


The next GGR Autocross is back at Alameda on Saturday, May 26. Registration for Porsches is already open. Click here to register.

Registration will open for other makes on May 15 and will close on May 22 or when registration reaches 95 cars. Remember to register early as the last autocross at Alameda hit the limit in 11 days.

Hope to see you at the next event!!

-Ed Hunter

Autocross Chair

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