Autocross #2 Report

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Autocross #2 Report

A beautiful sight, grey GT3’s in row before our 1stautocross at Marina (#2 overall and Zone #2)

As usual, the autocross sold out with 75 drivers.

We re-used the course design from the previous day (LPR#2, Zone #1), and ran the course in reverse. The course was unusually long for Marina, and actually about 5 seconds longer than our 1stcourse of the year at Alameda (which has double the space!). With the next Alameda course still in design, I think it should be a longer one this time. 

ClassTop Finisher  Best Time# in Class
AX02Andrew B1975914 Race Car44.546
AX03Dave D1970911 Race Car46.582
AX04Ed H2015911 GT346.098
AX05Alan J2016Cayman GT446.903
AX06Doug B2011Boxster Spyder47.676
AX07Teddy F2015Cayman GTS46.8212
AX08Himanshu P2014Cayman S48.169
AX09Connie L2014Boxster S50.222
AX10Jason M2013Boxster48.882
AX11RJ H2008Boxster49.416
AX12Brant B2001Boxster49.942
AX14Terry Z1968911 L52.555
AX16Reubin R197391459.031

Full results can be found here: now features “event” and “year to date” sorting.

If you missed AX1, don’t worry, AX2 registration is now open and here’s the link:, or for compatible mobile devices:

If you’re interested, I’d advise signing up sooner rather than later. I put the link up less than a week ago and as of right now 78 of the 105 slots are already spoken for.

Autocross #3 will be held Saturday 5/18 in Alameda and will be the 3rd Zone 7 event of the year.  If you don’t know about PCA Zone 7,  it contains 10 local chapters, mostly in Northern California

This year there will be 8 Zone 7 Autocross events: 4 of which will be the joint GGR/LPR Sprint/Fall events at Marina, plus our event next month in Alameda (home track advantage!). Sacramento region will host an autocross in Stockton in June and Thunderhill in October, and Redwood will host an autocross at Sonoma raceway in September. The Zone 7 autocross calendar is here:

As much as I love driving at Alameda and Marina, I do enjoy experiencing other autocross sites and meeting other Porsche people and encourage you to do the same (you might even be able to score another trophy!).

As a reminder, here are the season dates again, they’re coming up quick. They have also been added to the GGR Calendar on the Website.

  • Autocross School– June 22 ALAMEDA(Saturday)
  • Autocross #4-June 23 ALAMEDA(Sunday)
  • Autocross #5-July 13 ALAMEDA (Saturday)
  • Autocross #6-August 17ALAMEDA (Saturday)
  • Autocross #7– September 29 (joint ZONE 7 weekend with LPR at MARINA) (Sunday)
  • Autocross #8-October 19 ALAMEDA (Saturday)
  • Autocross #9-November 16 ALAMEDA(Saturday)

Ed Hunter

Autocross Director

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