August 2018 Track Report

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August 2018 Track Report


Laguna.  Laguuuunahhh.

Your incredible track team (see the April blog for who makes up your track team) just completed two exciting events in July at “Laguna.”  Pronounce it with me in your best Juan Cabrillo accent – “Lahguuunah Ssseca.” Be sure and purse your lips during “guuu” and get a good hiss in when saying “Seca.”  Don’t forget a really hard “c”, like an upper case “K.”  “Lahguuunah Ssseca.”  Pronounce it like Spanish royalty!

On the weekend subsequent to July 4th, we hosted no less than 168 drivers (a sold out event) for GGR’s fourth DE of 2018.  As kind of a home field reference point, when we host DE events at the not-yet-world-famous Thunderhill Raceway, we will draw regular attenders from five or six PCA regions.  When we visit Buttonwillow Raceway, a few from the southern California regions join in.  For this Laguna event, drivers came from nineteen different regions!  The San Diego region was the best represented non-GGR region, and the Grand Prix region (Long Beach) brought the most instructors (other than GGR).  Bob Kuykendall drove in from Dallas (and drove home on Monday), and Tim Scopes hoofed it all the way from North Carolina!


My observation of the five run groups over the course of the weekend allowed me to reminisce about the time trial events when I first started with GGR – full run groups, cooperative passing, and overall some very impressive driving.  This is not to say that a sold out event doesn’t perc to the top a few issues that need to be addressed.  This event did, and your track team is already implementing solutions and smoothing out some wrinkles.  Smooth is good.  Smooth is fast, they tell me.

This past weekend, GGR hosted 55 club racers for its third club race of the year (also sold out), part of SCCA San Francisco Region’s “double regionals.”  We saw great racing and, more importantly, continued great camaraderie among the racers. Working in conjunction with SCCA was effortless.  One of the more exciting moments occurred in the third sprint race Sunday afternoon, where our own Heath Spencer dropped from P1 to P3 through turn 2 on the final lap, only to snatch P1 back between turn 10 and 11, taking the checkered flag in the SPB class!


We’ll catch our breath in August, but…

Registration is open for our next DE and Club Race – September 8-9 at Thunderhill.

Registration for the DE is here.

Registration for the Club Race is here.

Be well.

Be smooth.

Eyes up!

See you at the track!


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