August, 2018 Motoring Report: Skaggs Springs Scamper

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August, 2018 Motoring Report: Skaggs Springs Scamper

Skaggs Springs Scamper FunRun, July 21st

You can’t beat beautiful, cool weather up the coast, right out of the FunRun
play book. Our regular, fully subscribed compliment of 44 cars and 60 peeps,
enjoyed the scamper from San Rafael to Bodega Bay, past Sea Ranch and on up
Hwy 1 to Stewarts Point. After regrouping and holding a brief pow-wow there,
we moved on to the main event, the ~40 miles of twisties and sweepers from
the coast side, heading east into the forest and ridges that make this
Skaggs Springs Road so fascinating to drive in a P-car.

On the Sonoma County side, inland, the temperature heats and we were happy
to find a large, airconditioned room waiting for us at Soda Rock Winery,
where we enjoyed our box lunches and the “house products,” red and white.
Thanks go to Georgia Athanasiou, our Project Mgr. for this annual event,
another one of our best. Sweeps and lead car drivers likewise deserve thanks
for making the drive a safe, spirited success.

Hey, if you’d like to join the FunRun Core Team, please contact Social
Director Bern Beecham [] to express your interest. We’re
always on the look-out for activist people who want to join the “insiders.”
Cheers, Michael Griffin –GGR V/P and Motoring Director

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