April 2020 Track Report

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April 2020 Track Report

Drivers –

Your track chair recently needed to replace the first gear synchro and slider in his orange car.  Does he need first gear?  Maybe to get it on the trailer, but hardly ever otherwise.  So, several weeks ago your track chair towed the orange car to the shop of the amazing Davey Loop.  Mr. Loop and your track chair put the orange car up on Davey’s lift, and your track chair proceeded to take things apart.  (Your track chair can take things apart, and can put things back together, but it’s the in between “what am I looking at?” phase where he relies on others.)

Davey shows your track chair the synchro ring and says, “See that?”  “See what?”  “How it’s worn like that?”  “Uh, okay.”  Then he shows your track chair the inside of the slider and says, “See that?”  (“Kind of,” your track chair thinks to himself, not even considering a confession that he has no clue.)  Your track chair responds with a critically toned “Hmm.  Wow.”  Mr. Loop then proceeds to discover that the offending slider is an incorrect German aftermarket part, and replaces it with the correct OEM slider.  Locked in as designed.  Nifty.  Better than new.

Your track chair shares this story not to celebrate a new first gear, but to celebrate the time (albeit, less than three hours) with the great Davey Loop.  This is why we’re part of this club, yes?  GGR is chock full of amazing people like Davey Loop.

After The Great Experimental Track Events Schedule of 2019, your track team formulated a schedule for 2020 that was supposed to be back to normal, predictable, more familiar, simpler, and easier.  Pins were set, balls were racked, ducks were in a row, every conceivable pre-event arrangement had been arranged, then Boom.  Sit down, Mr. Track Chair.

Respect – not just for world events, but most importantly, each other – dictates that we cancel first our Buttonwillow DE and Club Race March 28-29, followed immediately by the cancelation of our Thunderhill DE and Club Race April 24-26 (at which we were slated to host 35 drivers from the Pacific Northwest Region), and on the heels of those two sobering moves, declare our “Kahuna at Laguna II” to be on indefinite hold pending track management’s rearranging its calendar around the various pro racing bodies rearranging their respective calendars.  When that dust clears, we’ll see what’s left for clubs like us.

Your track chair’s conversations and correspondence over the past month with approximately two dozen people have allowed him to appreciate not just their respective expertise and knowledge to try and address the hits our track schedule has taken, but also their passion for what they do, their empathy for everyone affected by these world events, and their commitment to hang in there while we all give what we can to come up with the best results possible.  They are all Davey Loops in their own right, and they deserve our thanks.

In closing, your track chair shares the thought that we all understand that Porsche’s reputation in competition is based on its endurance racing success.  (Have you ever seen the size of the bearings wrapped around a Porsche crankshaft?)  Let us represent that well in these weeks ahead, in how we outdrive those situations that would have others fade, and in how we can all be our own Davey Loop for one another.

Eyes up, drivers.


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