April 2020 Autocross Report

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April 2020 Autocross Report

“Uncertain” is how the 2020 autocross season can be described. As reported last month, availability of Alameda site appeared to be anything but certain. City of Alameda was not able to hear our case on March 17 due to an extraneous circumstance. Our next hearing date is on April 7. We are hopeful that our case will be heard and that the City of Alameda will grant us permission for continued use of our autocross site.

Crows Landing was reported last month as a possible alternate site. Autocross team was working hard to make April 12 at Crows Landing our first autocross event of the year. This option is put on hold due to the above-referenced extraneous circumstance.

Let’s talk about the extraneous circumstance. What appeared to be someone else’s concern last month, is now spread worldwide in the form of a Pandemic. Covid-19 has put everyone’s health in a dangerous situation requiring government to take unprecedented measures. The shelter in place policy in place in effect does not have a certain end date. We all need to do our part of suppressing this virus by following government guidelines and avoiding close interaction with other people for now. This virus brings a lot of uncertainty and inconvenience in our lives for the foreseeable future, least of which is the ability to get together for an autocross event.I am happy to report on one positive event. Twelve GGR autocross enthusiasts took part in Autocross Instructor Training School on March 7. This classroom training was offered by Zone 7, with Larry Sharp as the instructor. Thanks to all twelve volunteers for stepping up to this role. We look forward to your support in helping autocross students in need of coaching and advice at the next event.

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