April 2019 Track Report

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April 2019 Track Report

Now That Daddy Took the T-Bird Away


First, a quick report on GGR’s DE #2 and Club Race #1 at Thunderhill March 23-24.  Over 120 enthusiastic drivers attended the hard kickoff of the season, kept the track dry through the few sprinkles we had on Saturday (rain came right when the checkered flag flew at the end of the day), and kept the track warm with the help of gleaming sunshine on Sunday.  We really lucked out on the weather.  (Thank you, Diablo Region, for pulling all of the water out of the clouds on Friday!) The event was a great start to both the 2019 DE instruction program as well as the 2019 Club Racing season / West Coast Series.  (Congratulations to Heath Spencer for sweeping the weekend in SPBOX!)

Secondly, we must acknowledge the ongoing support of our sponsors of the track series – BR Racing and Carlsen Porsche (now Porsche Redwood City) as our Platinum sponsors, Roboostoff & Kalkin – A Professional Law Corporation and TRS Consulting as our Gold Sponsors, EBS Racing, Pacific Power Motorsports, and Jerry Woods Enterprises as our Silver sponsors, and European Autotech and SP Motorsports as our Bronze sponsors.  They support our series in a multitude of ways.  Support them when you can!

Now for a quick full course yellow…

For those of you active in GGR’s track program, we appreciate that first and foremost, you are tuned into GGR’s goals for its track program – SAFE first, then FUN, then FAST.

As straightforward and as appropriate those goals are, your efforts to keep them safe are key to the success of every track event, as well as the program as a whole.

Whereas SAFE should be self-explanatory (and, theoretically, automatic), your track team holds Safety as tantamount to being the very reason the track program exists – to develop our mental and physical skill sets to do what we do (to drive at rarely used very high speeds under rarely imposed very high forces) SAFELY.  Self-explanatory or not, your track chair is prompted to acknowledge that not only do you maintain your Porsche to be SAFE (taking the tech form seriously), you endeavor to keep your physical state SAFE (getting enough sleep the night before each track day, monitoring your caloric intake of the proper food and liquid), and that you keep your mental state SAFE (being thoughtful in your approach to the continued development of your skills on track, and bringing a cooperative attitude to your run group).

You bring your best efforts to keep things SAFE.  We all count on each other to do so.  This past weekend’s event at Thunderhill was continued evidence of that effort.

Thank you!

Green flag!

Your track chair will skip “FAST,” as FAST will come in its own time.  FastER will happen sometime after that, and again after that, and again after that, etc. Truly, though, FAST has no chance until you are consistently SAFE and allowing SAFE to unleash FUN!

We are motivated to do our best work when we’re having FUN.  Heck, it’s easy  to do our best work when we are having FUN!  Our confidence grows when we’re having FUN.  It allows us to try something new, dragging along our tried and true experience, and have more FUN doing more things.

What things?  The list of things could be endless.  Seeing further ahead.  Seeing the next corner worker sooner.  Seeing the next corner’s exit sooner.  Feeling how much work the tires are doing.  Feeling at once how much work all four  tires are doing!  Power applied sooner.  More power through the apex.  Full  power through the apex!  Learning a faster line.  Learning a new course.

At the end of April, we’re going to take that confidence of ours (yours and mine), along with the confidence of about thirty drivers from the Pacific Northwest Region, and learn how to drive not just a course we don’t do very often, but a course we have never done in its entirety before – the Thunderhill five mile course in the clockwise direction!

We will run the two mile course on Friday, and the five mile course on Saturday and Sunday.  (We tested the two mile course in the clockwise direction in February, and it was enthusiastically endorsed!)

Registration for the DE only event opened on March 16, and the event, as of this writing, is over half sold out.  We have capacity for 100 on Friday, and 175 on Saturday/Sunday. We’ll be running FIVE run groups, and with a five mile course, there will be plenty of room on track.  At-track dinners will be hosted on both Friday and Saturday nights, and rumor has it there will be double the raffle prizes!

Register here:  https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/pca-ggr-de-3-thunderhill-raceway-park-golden-gate-track-events-793874

Selfishly, your track chair is motivated by FUN as well – specifically, when everyone else has FUN, he has FUN.  There is another rumor floating around that your track chair actually might pull his track car out from the barn and give it a shakedown!

Cue the Beach Boys.

Be smooth, drivers!

Eyes up!  Way up!

See you at the track!


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