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April 2018 Track News

Stewards of Enthusiasm

At the Saturday morning instructors’ meeting at Thunderhill this past March 24 (that secret society assembly preceding the drivers’ meeting), there was an observable upbeat atmosphere.  Your co-Chief Driving Instructors Scott Kalkin and Brad Williams, with the over thirty instructors gathered, were going over last minute assignment changes and a few miscellaneous administrative items.  The atmosphere was a marked difference from what I would describe as typical – their being merely ready for the day. Your instructors were genuinely enthusiastic about the day ahead!

“This is very cool,” I thought to myself.  What a neat little nugget of delight to start the day!

…and why shouldn’t they be enthusiastic?  Your instructors have, in many respects, the best seat in the house.  On the surface, they are afforded the opportunities to ride in these amazing Porsches.  A layer in, they are afforded the opportunities to meet and work with other Porsche enthusiasts who want to broaden their respective experiences, improve their driving skills, and are ready to learn how to do so.  Another layer in, your instructors are rewarded with your progress and the enjoyment that you experience.

Their enthusiasm feeds yours, and yours feeds theirs!

The other actors you see on stage all weekend include our Tech Chairs George Morris and John Teasley (and the other tech volunteers), Grid Stewards David Bunch, Milo and Diane Dorr, and George Neidel, as well as Track Stewards Ken Mack and Dan Thompson.  The Club Racers see many National PCA Stewards and Scrutineers.  These volunteers bring their long held enthusiasm for GGR (read: you)and fill these positions to help keep you safe as you prepare to and go out on track.  (…and occasionally pass along reminders of certain safety items to those of you who need to be reminded.)

Hopefully their enthusiasm will rub off on you, because yours rubs off on them.

Backstage are Heath Spencer, our Registrar, Paul Marty, our Safety Chair (you want him not to have to come on stage), Sharon Neidel, and Kim Garcia, who handle the dozens of operational details and keep the machine oiled so you and I don’t have to.

Their enthusiasm is genuine.  Offer a “thank you” to them next time you see them.

Six of your GGR board members are active track enthusiasts. Their enthusiasm for the track series is evidenced by their active support and their contribution of excellent ideas for the ongoing improvement of the series.  How great is that?

There are many other long time GGR track series volunteers whose enthusiasm for the series (read: you)spans decades.  Former track chairs, CDI’s, and every other former position holder continue to offer their support and knowledge to provide you a great experience while you are with us at the track.

Find them.  Talk with them.  Learn how their enthusiasm has become deeply rooted and how it provides strength and stability to the track program.

Now, all that is a ton of rambling to not just introduce you to the track team, per se, but to underscore the fact that we recognize that it’s your enthusiasm which brings you to the track in the first place, that it’s your enthusiasm which fuels us,  and that it’s our collective enthusiasm which is the principal ingredient in the success of the track series and each of its events.

…and it is very cool.

You’re a great group of people to spend a weekend with, and it is my privilege to do so.

Keep it up, Drivers!  See you at the track!

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