911 0r Corvette?

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911 0r Corvette?

The Vette is Back! 

Well, Porsche has done it again…a mid-engine with automobile dual-clutch transmission, targa top, a driver mode selection system…WAIT! It’s not a Porsche…it’s a Vette. Yes, the 2020 Corvette Stingray will soon be lurking amongst us and aiming its sights on Porsche for sure!  Redesigned from the ground up, this behemoth with 6.2 liter V-8 produces 485 HP, 470 FT-LB, and zero to 60 in under 3.0.  What’s it cost; you might ask?  $150, $175, $200?  Nope, Chevy says this package will start at about$ 70K! Yikes!  

Even though the seats look like Ripone throwing in a soccer ball, Chevy assures that they’re going to be spectacularly comfortable in completion sport  …we’ll see.  

For more information, head on over to this site.  Neat pictures…then go sit in your 91, Cayman, Boxster and gloat!!!!   



Have you ever wondered the scale of the PCA?  How many members do we have in the US/Canada (aka North America) and how where do they come from?  Here’s a little glimpse at all that info

The following is the July mid-month membership update. Great job driving PCA membership growth. Here are the membership numbers today:

  • 86,265 primary members
  • 47,138 co-members
  • 133,403 total members
  • 824 Test Drive subscribers
  • 3,942 PCA Juniors

2019 PCA National Membership Competition Award Contest

Every year PCA awards two regions for their growth and increased membership.  It’s been hard for GGR to break into this in the past few years because we have such a large membership How does PCA run this awards program?

In 1990, PCA implemented a campaign to increase membership. The campaign was successful, and almost 900 new members were enrolled. Based on this success, in 1991 PCA established a National Membership Competition to continue to stimulate growth. Originally the recipient of the award was determined by a formula that equalized each region’s growth, regardless of size. In 1998, PCA added a second category to recognize the region with the highest net growth. Today the awards are known as Greatest Factored Growth and Greatest Actual Growth. The same region cannot receive both awards. The recipients receive both a trophy and a cash award from PCA.

So Actual Growth is how many more primary members you have as of today compared to the previous Dec 31. The winning region of the membership contest for Actual Growth is usually a large region because it’s easier for a region with 1000 primary members to bring in 50 new primary members than a region with 200 primary members. Factored Growth uses a formula that levels the playing the field so smaller regions can compete against larger regions. The formula is complicated so it isn’t nice easy to explain the calculation.

Here’s an update to the top five Regions in the 2019 PCA Membership Growth Award Contest for July. Half the year remains, so there is still plenty of opportunity for GGR to join the top five!


Welcome New Members in July 

FarhanBaluch2014911 Carrera CabrioletSapphire Blue
PamalaBobbitt2018718 Boxster GTSMiami Blue
TaylorCain2017911 CarreraBlack
ErickCarranza1986944Guards Red
BryanCortnik2006911 Carrera 4SSilver
ThomasFil2013911 Carrera CabrioletWhite
AlbertFranco1985911 CarreraMetallic red 
Duncan Gartin 2019911 Carrera TBlack
CliveHallatt2011911 Carrera S CabrioletCarerra white
TracyHess2017911 Carrera 4S CabrioletBlack
JohnKennaday1979911 SC TargaCobalt blue
ColeKitaura2009911 Carrera S
RonKuhns2017Macan SSilver
KevinLee2018911 GT3Miami Blue
ClaudineMangano2018718 Boxster GTSCarmine Res
FernandoMendez2018911 Carrera GTS
JamesO’Brien1974914 1.8White
EvanPaolinelli1997911 Carrera 4SBlack
JeannieParker2015911 Carrera SYellow
LeonardoPiacentini2019911 GT3 RS
JohnRoos2005911 CarreraRacing yellow
LeeShepard2013Boxster S
MattStanek2014911 CarreraDark blue metallic
KrisVela2013911 Carrera SAqua Blue
SteveWaydo2019911 Carrera TCarrera White Metallic


Don’t Forget the Concours/BBQ Next Sunday

Sunday, August 4, 2019 Porsche Redwood City-GGR CONCOURS & BBQ 3636 Haven Avenue, Redwood City, CA
The Concours, presented by Golden Gate Region, Porsche Club of Americais part of the 2019 Zone 7 CompetitionSerieshttp://zone7.pca.org/events/ggr-concours-5/ 

All proceeds will be donated to charity

Judging Entry Fee: $40.00 per car(There will be no display cars this year) Car Placement from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. 
Judging begins at 10:00 a.m. * Awards will be presented at 2:00 p.m.
NOTE: A free catered buffet lunch for all participants and guests will be hosted by:  

 Member Milestones for July 

July 2019 Anniversary Dates

5 Years – 2014

Stephen Ayers     2014 Panamera   Ruby Red

Tim Garlick         2011 911 Carrera S      

DavidHelstroom  2014 911-50 White

John  Jankowski   2014 911 Carrera 4S Agate Gray

Ryan  Kiskis         1983 911 SC White

KeithLee             1975 911SAubergine

Matthew Robinson       2007911 GT3 White

Russell Leong      1997 911 Targa  black

Maegan Spencer  2006911 Carrera S Black

Ha Ta                  2014 911 Carrera S BLACK

ScottTieche        1996 911 Carrera 4S White

10 Years – 2009

VinceDeMaso      2003 Boxster Gray

Andrew Gilchrist  1999 911 Carrera Silver

Edward Ho           2010 911 GT3 RSWhite

Eric Lutkin           2008 Cayman S Ruby Red Metallic

Darryl Maney       1988 911 Carrera Blue

Andrew O’Mahoney       1970 914-6 Tangerine

Thomas Paton     1988 911 Carrera Blue

Greg Rasalan       1991 928 S4 Black

15 Years – 2004

Alan Edwards      1965 356 White

Eric Eggel            1982 911 SC Blue

ThiloKoslowski   2004 911 Carrera Silver

Braden More        1995 911 Carrera Black

20 Years – 1999

Paul Tsao   1990 911 Carrera 2

25 Years – 1994

Stover Babcock    2009 Cayenne S Black

Roger Choplin     1996 911 Carrera         

DavidOeschger    1987 911 Carrera Red

Jeffrey Sykes       1993 911 Carrera RS 3.8       

30 Years – 1989

James Small        1972 911E

40 Years – 1979

Gary Dorighi        1974 914 1.8

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