February, 2021 Autocross Report

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February, 2021 Autocross Report

2020 Season Re-cap

With the completion of 2020 autocross season, it is time to congratulate our Autocross award winners. GGR offers two categories of awards – Class Trophies and Pax Trophies.

Class Trophies:

Class trophies are awarded to drivers finishing in top three positions in their class to qualify for year-end trophy. Top five times are counted towards accumulation of annual points. Drivers must compete in three events or more, to be eligible. I am happy to announce the recipients of class trophies below.

Class Rank Driver Points Class Rank Driver Points
AX02 1 Monty Pack 100 AX08 1 Paul Smith 88
2 Steve Lau 80 2 Himanshu Patel 76
3 Tara Shapowal 65 3 Sid Huey 36
AX03 1 Dave Dunwoodie 100 AX09 1 Grady Carter 100
2 Connie Lu 80
AX04 1 Ed Hunter 80 3 Sharon Castle 33
2 Ed Kupa 68
3 Tosh Yumae 47 AX10 1 Dave McGuigan 60
2 Peter McMillan 49
AX05 1 Ovidiu Predescu 100 3 Peyton Chen 42
2 John Leet 45
3 John Brosnahan 40 AX11 1 Stacy O’Connell 88
2 Larry Sharp 80
AX06 1 Anders Truelsen 58 3 Luis Argote 42
2 Boris Elpiner 56
2 Dmitriy Yefremov 56 AX12 1 Brant Ballantyne 80
AX07 1 Teddy Framhein 100 AX14 1 Andrew Wittrock 68
2 Drew Powers 84 2 Caevon Hekmaty 60
3 Eric Frasch 68
AX16 1 Andrew Blyholder 100

PAX Trophies:

Performance Index Autocross (PAX) Trophies are awarded to ten highest ranked drivers for year-end trophy. Top five times are counted towards accumulation of annual points and drivers must compete in three events or more, to be eligible. I am happy to announce the ten recipients of PAX trophies, with a special recognition of Teddy Framhein for being the 2020 PAX Champion of GGR Autocross Series. For those not familiar with PAX rating, the purpose of PAX category is to allow cars of different performance rankings to compete equally on corrected time. This allows drivers to compete against each other across different classes.

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PAX Rank Driver Total
1 Teddy Framhein* 488
2 Andrew Blyholder 447
3 Brant Ballantyne 432
4 Monty Pack 429
5 Grady Carter 396
6 Drew Powers 388
7 Eric Frasch 320
8 Connie Lu 300
9 Steve Lau 281
10 Himanshu Patel 256

* PAX Champion

2020 GGR Autocross PAX Champion

Teddy Framhein

2021 Season Update

Day Location
Saturday, March 13, 2021 Cow Palace
Sunday, April 11, 2021 Cow Palace
Saturday, May 15, 2021 Cow Palace
Sunday, June 13, 2021 Cow Palace
Saturday, July 10, 2021 Cow Palace
Sunday, August 8, 2021 Cow Palace
Saturday, September 11, 2021 Cow Palace
Sunday, October 3, 2021 Cow Palace
Saturday, November 6, 2021 Cow Palace
Sunday, November 21, 2021 Crows Landing

Event Dates (Tentative):

Covid-19 continues to linger around, adding uncertainty to our 2021 program. Despite this overhang, the autocross team is working diligently to facilitate a successful 2021 season. We were fortunate to find Cow Palace as our venue for 2020 season. While it is difficult to assess a long-term solution, we are working closely with Cow Palace to establish dates for 2021 season. A tentative schedule (see below) is presented to Cow Palace for their consideration. Barring any unusual circumstances, we expect Cow Palace to facilitate our request. These dates are tentative and should be treated as preliminary dates until a they are formally established between the involved parties. We may venture out to other sites, like Crows Landing, for one or more events to fulfill our nine-event schedule. All possible dates are listed.

Car Classification System Update:

The GGR classification system web hosting software has run its course into obsolescence last year. A committee of dedicated enthusiasts was tasked with finding the means of reviving the system. While a long-term solution is being explored, committee has decided to adopt Zone 8 car classification system for 2021 season. Zone 8 system is derived from GGR classification system back in 2010 and shares most of the architecture with our system. Zone 8 region is kind enough to let us use their website for our classification needs this year. We encourage all autocross enthusiasts to register their cars on zone website at Zone 8 Car Classification System. Please feel free to reach out to me at ggrax@no3.me, or to one of the other committee members – Andrew Blyholder, Brant Ballantyne, Teddy Framhein, Ed Hunter, Steve Lau and Paul Smith, if you have any question about this system. We are looking forward to another great season.

Car Numbers Update:

Dormant car numbers from PCA GGR Seasonal Numbers will be retired at the beginning of the season starting with 2021 and made available to new registrants. Dormant numbers are classified as those that were not used in the past two seasons. The cut-off date for 2021 season is December 31, 2018. PCA GGR Seasonal Car number list will be refreshed by January 31, 2021.

Car numbers will be limited to three-digits and are available at http://msreg.com/number. Alpha-numeric numbers are no longer available due to their Incompatibility with our timing system.

Two-digit numbers are available to active autocrossers who have participated in our events for more than three years. Please inquire directly with autocross chair for availability of your favorite number.

Your GGR Autocross Chair,

Himanshu Patel

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