It’s Track time again – Thunderhill West on February 20

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It’s Track time again – Thunderhill West on February 20

We are just three weeks away from our first Driver’s Ed (DE) program at Thunderhill Raceway on Saturday February 20th. This one day event is priced for a lot of fun – just $195. We’ll be running the  2 mile West configuration with the bypass. Do not let this track’s relative shortness compared to Thunderhill East lull you into thinking it’s really easy. This is a great course that throws all manner of blind, uphill turns, banked turns, fast esses, elevation change and more at you. It’s a great way to get back to the track after a couple of months of winter. Come join the drivers Ed portion of the event and have a blast.

We are combining this event with Instructor Training and Instructor tuneup. Pricing for the day is only $195.

Since all our current and future instructors will be focusing on a training program throughout the day, there will not be a novice/student run group for the Driver Ed portion of this event.  However, we have more great events planned for 2016. Please keep an eye on the calendar for future events: .

Instructor Candidates: If you are interested in becoming a GGR Instructor, please request an application (if you haven’t already) from Jim McClelland (CDI) before registering as an instructor candidate. 

 If you’re already an instructor please sign up to help with our new instructors.  If you’re a veteran of the track and would like to get your first DE day of the year – please register for a fun day at the track.  Snell 2005 helmets will be permitted until June 1, 2016, after that you’ll need a 2010 or later.

Register at

Any questions, feel free to contact me.

I hope to see you at the track!

Richard French
GGR Track Chair

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