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Hysterical Notes from the Bunker Redoubt

Lotsa Anniversaries! Membership #s! Concours Info!

It’s Day 180…my mind remains clear and the supply of MREs seems to be adequate. Water is not a factor…yet. I’ve checked the garage and the 911 GTS is still there…it hasn’t moved in a while…I’m concerned it’s getting lonely although the Macan is content to bask in the occasional sunshine as well as the fog. Rescue does not seem imminent, but we hold hope the government will fly supplies in – tuna sandwiches, coke, Capt. What’s-his-name rum, whatever. I’ll have to wash this t-shirt soon as the lady downstairs is complaining…my wife!

Wait! All right, it’s not that bad. Didn’t’ we just talked a few minutes ago? OK, staying inside I’ve forgotten what day it is, what time it is, what pajamas to wear, and, what to do for dinner. What is hard to forget is when to clean the cat box. “Zooming” with friends, FaceTiming with family, the GGR Board remains my sole means of communications with the outside world. Thank god for the internet, Netflix and TCM (saw Spartacus again!).

Let’s move on to the real news. Membership continues to be steady, a little up and a little down.

Current Membership

2371 Members

1155 Co-members

4 Lifetime Members

Total – 3530

Here’s some info on PCA overall:

June ended with 86,391 primary members, 297 above end of May. It’s great to see positive growth. The end of June primary, co-member and total membership counts increased over prior month:

  • June new member joins exceeded 1,000
  • Late renewals (997) were very strong in June
  • End of June Test Drive subscribers rebounded to a best ever 818
  • July 1-14, 2020 averaged 37 new members per day, beating same days last year

Here are the national membership numbers as of July 2020:

  • 87,401 primary members
  • 47,915 co-members
  • 135,316 total members
  • 895 Test Drive subscribers
  • 4,067 PCA Juniors

GGR Concours Set…For Now

The usual regional concours schedules for the year have been hosed as you all know. So, as the head of the PCA GGR Concours event, I’ve been working with Zone 7 and PRWC to triage the schedule and at least save a portion of the year. As you know there are many reasons we can’t just congregate where and when we want. The pandemic has impacted our schedules significantly so we still have to plan as best we can until things show marked improvement. We know we won’t be able to host hundreds of our members for the big blow-out lunch. But we’re reviewing how we are going to proceed. Right now, we’re looking at doing it in between the Loma Prieta and Monterey concourses on October 18, 2020. This may change, but pencil it in. To learn more, visit the About Concours page.

Here’s the Zone 7 schedule, with GGR/PRWC now on Sunday, 18 October.


  • All Day Concours: Sacramento Valley Region
  • Concours #3 Location: TBD


  • All Day Concours: Redwood Region
  • Ledson Winery, Kenwood CA
  • Concours #7


  • All Day Concours: Loma Prieta Region
  • Porsche of Fremont, Fremont CA
  • Concours #2. Rescheduled for October 11th.


  • All Day Concours: Golden Gate Region
  • Carlsen Porsche, Redwood City CA
  • Concours #6


  • All Day Concours: Monterey Bay Region

How’s the Membership?

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Let’s face it, we rely on our membership to get the word out and try to spread the word about the club. Keep your masks on but spread the word whenever you see a Porsche. You’ll see that our AX and Track folks that they are working feverishly (sorry!) behind the scenes to make things happen. Check them out.

Let’s say Hi to our new members in June & July!

Robert Applegate 1978 911 SC San Carlos

Conan Cai 2017 718 Boxster S Union City

Woody Cheng 1972 914 White Santa Clara

ERIC DERITIS 2017 718 Cayman S White Sunnyvale

Kurt Eckhardt 2016 Cayman S Sapphire Blue Mountain View

Isaac Faraji Modesto

Kurt Garbe 2020 Taycan 4S Saratoga

Bruce Glenday 2016 Cayman GTS Agate Gray San Jose

Broc Harzinski 2007 911 Carrera Meteor Grey South San Francisco

Boaz Hecht 1970 911T Black Foster City

Jarrod Joplin 2002 911 Carrera Tiburon

Rylan Keogh 1999 Boxster Arctic Silver Metallic Palo Alto

Bernie Lee 2006 Boxster S Atlas Grey Metallic San Francisco

John McMullen 2004 911 Carrera 4S Silver Woodside

Bob Meyers Castro Valley

Siddharth Mohan 2017 Macan S Black San Mateo

John Nguyen 1999 Boxster Black San Jose

Rob Ragan 2020 911 Carrera 4S White San Francisco

Akshay Rawat 2017 718 Cayman San Francisco

Nick Roland 2018 911 Carrera GTS Cabriolet Black San Jose

Christopher Sheehan 2019 718 Cayman T Black San Jose

Pushkar Shirali 2018 718 Boxster Silver Sunnyvale

Lewis Sutcliffe 2018 911 Carrera Yellow Santa Clara

Gerald TIu 2014 911-50 Graphite Grey San Jose

Aaron Topal 2020 718 Cayman GT4 Santa Clara

Let’s Congratulate our Anniversary Members

I’m including all anniversaries that have occurred during this pandemic: March thru August 2020. Pay attention to the notes about PCA’s program – Membership Anniversary Recognition below.

60 Years – 1960

Karl Keller 1961 356 – Sonora (March)

Burton Propp 2007 911 – Carrera Oakland (April)

55 Years – 1965

Harry Somerfield 2005 Carrera GT – Belvedere Tiburon (May)

50 Years – 1970

Kenneth Mack 1993 911 RS America – Roseville (June)

45 Years – 1975

James Alderson 1979 928 Livermore (August)

Harlan Halsey 1959 356 Woodside (April)

Randy Salveson 1986 944 Colusa (June)

Rob Whiteside 1988 944S Cupertino (March)

40 Years – 1980

John Havranek 1970 914-6 Olympic Valley (August)

Mathieu Lowrance 1974 911 Blue Truckee (July)

35 Years – 1985

Ruth Benz 1965 356 Palo Alto (April)

Radford Hall 1964 356 PACIFICA (August)

Greg Orton 1973 911T Silver Groveland (June)

Michael Shannon 1991 911 Carrera 2 Oakland (March)

20 Years – 2000

Todd Armstrong 1991 911 Carrera 2 Gilroy (August)

Louis Balla 1997 Boxster Guards Red Berkeley (March)

Marco Della Cava 1997 911 Carrera Mill Valley (May)

James Gassel 1962 356 Tiburon (May)

Kirk Harper 1973 911E San Francisco (March)

Randy Hill 1988 911 Carrera Burlingame (June)

Dennis Kaneshiro 1992 968 Albany (July)

Charles Kolstad 2002 911 Carrera Gray San Martin (March)

Robert Lonski 1986 944 Turbo Santa Clara (March)

John Lucena 2000 911 Carrera Silver San Francisco (June)

Hal Milstein 1996 911 Turbo Los Altos (April)

Dev Sarwal 2000 911 Carrera Portola Valley (June)

Daniel Seligson 1995 911 Carrera Middlefield Rd. (March)

Richard Smith-Allen 1981 911 SC Blue Kentfield (April)

Jennifer Sneddon 2017 Cayenne Redwood City (August)

David Tchankotadze 1995 911 Carrera Saratoga (March)

Tim Vail 2000 Boxster SAN CARLOS (August)

Cristian Wedekind 1984 911 Carrera black Atherton (May)

Joseph Weinstein 2001 911 Carrera Moraga (June)

Marcos Woehrmann 1971 911E Fremont (April)

15 Years – 2005

Michael Boyle 1974 912.0 Blk Santa Clara (July)

John Byun 2014 Boxster S Guards Red Palo Alto (June)

David Carlisle 1989 944 Turbo Blue San Jose (April)

Canyon Chan 2004 911 GT3 Black San Mateo (July)

Dennis Ciplickas 2004 911 Carrera Artic Silver San Jose (August)

Keiri Custodio 2009 911 Carrera S Gray Hillsborough (August)

Paul De Martini 1997 911 Carrera Black Saint Helena (March)

William Diefenbach 2004 911 Carrera silver San Francisco (May)

Chris Diskin 2002 911 Carrera Seal Grey Los Gatos (April)

Mark Emmert 2005 Boxster Blk Indianapolis (May)

Robert Gallagher 2001 Boxster S White Sunnyvale (July)

Caevon Hekmaty 1980 911SC Blue Pleasanton (May)

Ed Hunter 2000 Boxster Arena Red Campbell (August)

Edwin Jones 2002 911 Carrera Yellow Los Altos (June)

David Kalkbrenner 1957 356 beige Palo Alto (July)

Kenneth Lavezzo 1993 968 Los Gatos (June)

James Lico 1997 911 Carrera Ocean Blue Burlingame (May)

Ian MacQuarrie 1979 911SC Sienna metallic San Jose (June)

Jason Pata 1998 911 Carrera Zenith Blue Kings Beach (April)

Randy Paul 2008 911 Carrera white San Jose (April)

Christopher Provo 2005 911 GT3 Atlas Grey San Francisco (March)

Vivek Rao 2005 911 CarreraS Artic Silver Redwood City (July)

Pascal Renauld 2002 911 Turbo Speed Yellow Palo Alto (August)

James Sanfilippo 1974 911 Black Los Gatos (May)

Greg Sharp 1988 944S White San Jose (June)

Mick Teresa 1978 911 Turbo Brown Saratoga (July)

Ronald Valmassy 1998 911 Carrera black San Francisco (April)

Mark Williams 2005 911 Carrera White Ketchum (March)

James Wong 2003 911 Carrera White Hillsborough (May)

10 Years- 2010

Fred Bamber 2009 911 Carrera Gray Berkeley (March)

Nicholas Bugosh 2002 911 Carrera Black Menlo Park (June)

Audrey Csendes-Billerbeck 2009 Cayman S Blue Gilroy (August)

Robert Ferreri 2004 911 Turbo Yellow San Jose (May)

Steve Gennow 1998 911 Carrera Silver Grass Valley (April)

Sergio Golombek 2007 911 Carrera Gray San Jose (May)

Harold Greathouse 1963 356 Green Alameda (March)

Robert Griffin 2008 911 Carrera Gray Menlo Park (May)

Robert Hecox 2012 911 Carrera Blue Menlo Park (August)

Michael Hubbard 2004 911GT3 Silver Mountain View (July)

Roy Latka 1955 356 Silver San Anselmo (March)

Alex Lau 2003 911 Turbo Silver Brisbane (August)

Bruce Lubarsky 2004 911 Carrera Other San Francisco

David O’Rourke 2011 911GT3 Blue San Jose (July)

Orion Parrott Oakland (August)

Mike Ray 2004 911GT3 Silver Pacifica (July)

Eric Romelfanger 2010 911 GT3 Gray Scottsdale (August)

Timothy Ryan 2006 CaymanS Gray Berkeley (May)

Roberto Sanabria 2007 CaymanS Gray Sonoma (June)

Paul Soals 2005 BoxsterS Yellow Hillsborough (July)

Christian Stangier 1981 911 SC Blue Mountain View (August)

Stephen Star 1997 911 TurboS Polar Silver Hillsborough (April)

James Vaught 1967 912 White Menlo Park (July)

Zack Willis 2019 911GT3 Chalk Redwood City (July)

Eric Wilson 2006 CaymanS Black San Mateo (April)

Five Years – 2015 (July & August)

Edward Abalos 1980 911SC chiffon white Fairfield

Alexandre Alesandrini 1989 911 Carrera Red San Francisco

Georgia Athanasiou 1989 911 Carrera Rose Larkspur

Fadi Azhari 2015 MacanS Metallic Black Atherton

Larry Badiner 2014 Boxster San Francisco

Robert Bignell 2012 911 CarreraS Basalt Black Metallic Sunnyvale

Chris Castro 1999 Boxster Pacifica

Eric Chin 2013 911 CarreraS White Redwood City

Andrea Correll 1998 Boxster Dark Grey Belmont

Michelle DeNatale 2016 MacanS Jet Black Metallic San Francisco

Richard Dinh 2015 911 GT3 Agate Grey Saratoga

Kemaal Esmail 2014 911 Turbo Black Mountain View

Jim Guitteau 2015 911 CarreraS Guards Red Piedmont

Eric Hall 2010 911 Targa4S GT Silver San Francisco

Mark Harrington 2008 Boxster S Meteor Grey Santa Clara

Robert Hutson 2011 911 Carrera white San Carlos

Patrick Kennedy 1990 911 Carrera2 Linen San Jose

Christopher Knoerdel 1978 928 Red Caspar

Geoff Koegler 2016 Cayman Guards Red San Jose

Edward Lauber 1995 911 Carrera Green Redwood City

Andre Levi 2014 911 Carrera4S Cabriolet Redwood City

Linn Maung 2014 911 CarreraS San Francisco

John McFarland 2015 Macan S Agate Gray San Jose

Bryan Morrish 2003 911 Carrera Lapis Blue Oakland

David Naeger 2016 911 Carrera Denver

Raj Naidoo 1997 Boxster Blue Woodside

Larry Ngai 2006 911 Carrera S Midnight Blue Burlingame

Patrick O’Brien 2012 911 CarreraS San Ramon

Steve Papoutsis 2014 911 Carrera 4S GT Silver San Jose

Andrew Parker 2015 911 Carrera GTS Red Woodside

Himanshu Patel 2014 Cayman S Silver San Jose

Rowan Paul 2009 911Targa 4S Black San Mateo

Ovidiu Predescu 2015 Macan Turbo Rhodium Silver Metallic Los Altos

Samuel Resnick 2008 Boxster S White San Jose

Gregory Servel 2017 911 Carrera Graphite Blue Metallic San Jose

Michael Sinkewitsch 1999 911 Carrera4 Blue Menlo Park

Janet Slissman 2004 Boxster S Speed Yellow San Francisco

Andrew Spoeth 2001 Boxster Blue San Francisco

Ross Stanich 2011 Cayman S meteor Gray Metallic Walnut Creek

John Stewart 2004 911 Carrera San Francisco

Jack Stratton 2007 911 Turbo San Bruno

Javier Szwarcberg 2003 911Turbo Black San Mateo

David Taylor 2014 Cayman S San Jose

Paul Thompson 2011 Cayman S White San Jose

Erik West 2007 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet Meteor Grey Metallic Los Gatos

Scott Wigginton 1989 944S2 Red Santa Clara

Joerg Wittenberg1983 911SC Cabriolet San Francisco

Thomas Wybierek 1970 914-6 Canary Yellow Herford


Membership Anniversary Recognition

Did you know that the Porsche Club of America recognizes membership anniversaries in five-year increments? Five- to 20-year anniversary materials are available upon request. Members can request anniversary materials by clicking (must be logged onto PCA website to use link). Members will receive a letter, certificate and decal commemorating their anniversary.

Materials for 25- to 60-year anniversaries (soon to be 65) are mailed quarterly depending on the anniversary date. Members celebrating these anniversaries will receive the following:

25 years – Letter, Decal, Certificate, Pin
30 years – Letter, Decal, Certificate
35 years – Letter, Decal, Certificate
40 years – Letter, Decal, Certificate, Name Badge
45 years – Letter, Decal, Certificate, Name Badge
50 years – Letter, Decal, Certificate, Pin and Name Badge 55 years – Letter, Decal, Certificate, Pin and Name Badge 60 years – Letter, Decal, Certificate, Pin and Name Badge

If you have not received your membership anniversary materials for a previous anniversary, please send an email to with your membership number and full name.

GGR Gear

OK, if you’re running short of t-shirts to wear at home, you might want to buy some GGR swag from the PCA website. GGR has its own clothing line that features a great selection of GGR-logo’d men and women’s clothing in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors. The GGR Webstore is located on the PCA website at

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Porsche Parade 2020: Palm Springs – Cancelled

PCA has announced that the 2020 Porsche Parade Palm Springs has been cancelled. Following the guidance and orders from local officials, they felt they would not have been able to ensure the health and safety of members, staff, sponsors and the surrounding community.

Refund of Parade Registration – Kathleen Behrens, Parade Registrar, will be processing a full refund to each primary registrant—no action is required on your part. She will send you an email once the process has been completed.

Refund of Housing – PCA’s housing provider will be closing the Parade Housing system, phone line and email box. They will cancel all Parade registrant reservations made at LaQuinta Resort and Club. Please do not call the resort. You will receive an emailed cancellation confirmation from Parade Housing. The $30 cancellation fee is being waived. The $30 cancellation fee to those who cancelled before this notification will also be refunded.  No action is required on your part. 

In Lieu of Parade – The Parade Committee is working on ways we can still have fun, recognize accomplishments, share Parade memories, and fill the void of not being able to gather in person.  Stay tuned to, Parade Social Media channels and e-Brake News for the latest.

Support Your Neighborhood Businesses

Finally, I’ll leave you with this one request…support the small merchants and businesses in your neighborhood. Keep them viable so that when we get out of this thing, they’ll be there for you as you were for them. It’s only right.

Cheers, and stay well, keep washing your hands, shave/haircut if you’d like, and use your masks.

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Capt. Mike, GGR Membership Director

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