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Notes from the Bunker!

Well, It’s almost July and we’re still “hunkered in the bunker”, maintaining safe distancing with the cat (otherwise she gets mean), “Zooming” with friends, Facetiming with family, and Googling with the GGR Board! I don’t know about you, but I’m pooped with all this contacting. My new webcam is working fine, although the hi-def is showing too many wrinkles, blemishes, crags, crannies and warts! All unfortunately, earned I might add!

Current Membership

2374 Members

1154 Co-members

4 Lifetime Members

Total – 3542

The Zoom!

Well we did our Zoom party and we feel it was a great success! OK, we didn’t see 3500+ members show up, but we had a great sampling of members, photos, and stories…it was fun. Take a gander at the upcoming Panorama, we’ve put in a pix and a little blurb to tell the Porsche world how wonderful GGR is! Ha! Some of the backgrounds are fun…in Zoom you can choose wherever you’d like to be…so don’t be fooled by the cars and palm trees!

A group of people posing for a photo

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Good Covid-19 Ideas.

OK, the Porsches are on the tricklers, but we’ve been able to get out and make sure the tires still know what to do and the brakes haven’t forgotten to stop. I did get out to gas up the Macan and the 911GTS. Here’s the best check list to do so without putting yourself in extremis:

Put on your mask and gloves before exiting the vehicle

Exit with your bottle of Purel (or whatever hand cleaner you have – vodka?)

Put hand cleaner on your gloves and on the handle of the pump

Use the “no touch” feature for your payment card

Pump gas

Finish and discard the gloves before re-entering the car

Once more, clean your hands with Purel before getting into the car

Drive off!

Now, don’t you feel safer?

To Concours or not to Concours, that is the question?

As the head of the PCA GGR Concours event, I’ve been keeping track of the Zone 7 concours schedule which obviously has been impacted by our viral friend. We’ve been advised that there’s a new schedule out there and I’m working with Porsche Redwood City to determine how we’re going to approach this. Will we be able to host hundreds of our members for the big blow out lunch…probably not. But we’re reviewing how we are going to proceed. As background, every year, between 7 and 9 of the 10 Regions in Zone 7 host an annual Concours Event, which collectively represent the Zone Concours Series. All PCA Zone 7 Concours events are run under the same rules. PCA members who participate in over half of the events in the Zone 7 Series and who meet other criteria found in the rules are eligible for Series Awards, which are presented at the end of year Zone Awards Banquet. To learn more, visit the About Concours page.

Right now, here’s the Zone 7 schedule, with GGR/PRWC still on 23 August. I’ll reserve the right to see how well it works (and how many sign up) before committing here:

A car parked in a grassy field

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All Day

Concours: Sierra Nevada Region

Rancho San Rafael Regional Park, Reno NV

UPDATE: This event has been cancelled. Concours #5

A car parked in a parking lot

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All Day

Concours: Golden Gate Region

Carlsen Porsche, Redwood City CA

Concours #6

A car parked in a parking lot

Description automatically generated 09/13/2020

All Day

Concours: Sacramento Valley Region

Concours #3 Location: TBD

A group of people in a car

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All Day

Concours: Redwood Region

Ledson Winery, Kenwood CA

Concours #7

A car parked in a parking lot

Description automatically generated 10/11/2020

All Day

Concours: Loma Prieta Region

Porsche of Fremont, Fremont CA

Concours #2. Rescheduled for October 11th.

A car parked in a parking lot

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All Day

Concours: Monterey Bay Region

Carmel Valley Community Park, Carmel Valley CA

Concours #4

Battery Maintainers

If you didn’t read this before, plan on using a battery maintainer, since It’s better than just a charger and can sense how much of a charge the battery needs. It’ll slowly send a trickle charge to it over a period of several hours. It stops sending a charge once the battery is full. The result is that a battery maintainer won’t overcharge the battery like a charger might, which can help extend the life of the battery overall. will simply stop once the battery is full. This way, you can be sure your battery will be fully charged and ready to start the car even after spending weeks in isolation!

How’s the Membership?

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Well last month was a rough one for all our PCA regions. As I said, folks are probably second-guessing whether they really need an expensive car versus a trip to Safeway or Best Foods. It’s a difficult question. But this past few weeks have shown a little more optimism as new members have popped up nearly every day. Having said that, let’s really get out and try to spread the word about the club. We will come back and I believe will come back stronger than ever. You’ll see from our AX and Track folks that they are working feverishly (sorry!) behind the scenes to make things happen. Check them out.

Let’s say Hi to our new members in May and June!

Art Adams 2017 718 Boxster Los Gatos
Marcus Anderson 2003 Boxster Red San Mateo
Michael Bruno 2009 911 Carrera S Porsche Racing Grn San Francisco
Andy Chen 2006 911 Carrera4S Cab Black South SF
Kevin Crowell 2006 Cayman S Dark Metallic Blue San Francisco
Claire Darling 2020 911 Carrera Cab White San Jose
Chip Davis 2017 Macan S Black San Francisco
Robert Dvorak 1973 911T Guards red Los Altos Hills
Travis Feuerbacher 2001 911 Carrera White Los Gatos
Joseph Fratantoni 2000 Boxster Silver Sunnyvale
Guillaume Golsong 2020 Macan San Francisco
Hilton Howard 1985 911 Carrera Palo Alto
Bill Jason 2009 911 Carrera4S Cab Ruby Red Metallic Palo Alto
Stephen Kerr 2004 911 Carrera Cab Arctic Silver Vacaville
James Lerner 2015 911 GT3 Black San Francisco
Alex Mack 1997 911 Carrera S Emerald Hills
Dana Madlem 2001 911 Carrera Red Morgan Hill
Markus Mayr 2011 911 Carrera S Meteor Grey Morgan Hill
Joanne Morrison 1987 911 Carrera Guards red Woodside
Chris Negrillo 2014 Boxster S Mountain View
Erick Nguyen 1986 911 Carrera Guards Red Milpitas
Daniel Olmstead 2019 911 Carrera GTS White Tracy
Joe Pearson 1987 911 Carrera San Francisco
Jag Perez 2017 Macan GTS Grey Redwood City
Keith Poe 2005 911 Carrera S San Jose
Simon Prakash 2016 911 Turbo White Los Gatos
Doug Takizawa 2015 911 Turbo S Grey San Mateo
Chris Utt 1970 911T Blue San Jose
Ceasar Ventura 1988 944 white Hayward
Yu Wang 2020 911 Carrera S San Francisco
Max Wang 2011 Boxster Black San Mateo
Yvonne Webb 2015 Macan Turbo Blue Redwood City
Bill White 2017 Macan S Mahogany Metallic El Cerrito

GGR Gear

OK, if you’re running short of t-shirts to wear at home, you might want to buy some GGR swag from the PCA website. GGR has its own clothing line that features a great selection of GGR-logo’d men and women’s clothing in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors. The GGR Webstore is located on the PCA website at

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Porsche Parade 2020: Palm Springs – Cancelled

PCA has announced that the 2020 Porsche Parade Palm Springs has been cancelled. Following the guidance and orders from local officials, they felt they would not have been able to ensure the health and safety of members, staff, sponsors and the surrounding community.

Refund of Parade Registration – Kathleen Behrens, Parade Registrar, will be processing a full refund to each primary registrant—no action is required on your part. She will send you an email once the process has been completed.

Refund of Housing – PCA’s housing provider will be closing the Parade Housing system, phone line and email box. They will cancel all Parade registrant reservations made at LaQuinta Resort and Club. Please do not call the resort. You will receive an emailed cancellation confirmation from Parade Housing. The $30 cancellation fee is being waived. The $30 cancellation fee to those who cancelled before this notification will also be refunded.  No action is required on your part.

In Lieu of Parade – The Parade Committee is working on ways we can still have fun, recognize accomplishments, share Parade memories, and fill the void of not being able to gather in person.  Stay tuned to, Parade Social Media channels and e-Brake News for the latest.

Support Your Neighborhood Businesses

Finally, I’ll leave you with this one request…support the small merchants and businesses in your neighborhood. Keep them viable so that when we get out of this thing, they’ll be there for you as you were for them. It’s only right.

Cheers, and stay well, keep washing your hands, shave/haircut if you’d like, and use your masks.

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Capt. Mike, GGR Membership Director

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