Stay Well and Stay Strong!

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Stay Well and Stay Strong!

Current Membership – 3,604

Primary – 2431

Co-members – 1169

Lifetime Members – 4

We All Need a Chuckle!

In the famous words of Oliver Hardy, “Well, this is another fine fix you’ve gotten us into!” We old folks remember Laurel and Hardy, a fabulously famous funny duo, who appeared in more than 100 films in the early days of Hollywood. I bring this up because I think all need a little laughter in our lives about now. As you know we’ve had to curtail all our GGR activities for now…all though driving a Porsche might be considered an essential service to many of us! Anyway, take a look and enjoy some zany comedy…it’s guaranteed to raise the morale and at least get a little chuckle.

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, Promotional Shot

So, now that we’re confined to polishing our Porsches and/or working on them in our garages, it might be time to reflect on what we’ve got. First and foremost, we have a hell of a club with more than 3500 members. Of course, due to any number of reasons, we only see probably about 400-500 of you during the year. But we value you all. Just so you know, we’ve decided to conduct a poll this year but prior to that I’d like to ask all of you to start thinking of ideas you’d like to see implemented by the Board. Let us know what you’d like to see the club do more of, less of, or introduce to our line-up of events. Just email me with any info.

Consumer Reports – Porsche on Top!

A red car

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I don’t know if you’ve seen the latest Car/SUV/Truck Issue of CR (Consumer Reports). It’s an eye-opener with 260 vehicles rated and reviewed…want to guess what marque came out on top? Oh yeah, it was Porsche. CR recommended all the Porsche, Genesis and Mazda models they tested. Porsche in fact jumped three places this year over third place Subaru to take the top spot! Predicted reliability and owner satisfaction all we on the rise for all three models tested recommended – Macan, Boxster and Cayenne. The 2020 911s and Panamera stats weren’t available and therefore weren’t tested. Wonder about the tires? Well Michelin and Continental were both top tier with Pirelli in the second group.

Membership Growth

So, how’re we doing? Well, when it comes to members, PCA giveth and PCA taketh away! Not really, we’ve seen a nice increase in new members this year so far. In March, we added 53 new members but lost 35 who moved, transferred or, heaven’s above, sold their Porsches! So far, we have 3,605 members worldwide. You may not know but we have members from more than 15 countries, not just the Bay Area.

Here’s a list of our new March 2020 members. If you see them…wave, don’t shake hands!

Adrian Amler,2006 911 Carrera Arctic Silver Metallic

Saam Barati,2008 911 CarreraS Black

Richard Bradshaw,1976 914 2.0 Yellow

Joe Calder,2005 CayenneS Grey

Todd Herskovitz,1997 911 Carrera Arctic Silver

Fabrice Kurmann,2005 BoxsterS Seal Gray Metallic

Sheldon Lee,1997 911 Carrera4S Metallic Black

Dean Moses,2008 911 CarreraS Cabriolet Midnight Blue

Guy Overfelt,1988 911 Carrera

Tommy Scampoli,2010 911 CarreraS

Rohan Thakur,2004 911 Carrera Sand/Gold

Zhaoyang Wang,2016 911 GT3

Paul Zumwalt,2017 Macan GTS White


Now, let’s take a look at those members who have their anniversary this month! And check out the info below on how to get your anniversary materials!

50 Years

Burton Propp,2007 911 Carrera

45 Years

Rob Whiteside ,1988 944S

35 Years

Michael Shannon,1991 911 Carrera 2

30 Years

Harry Kauffman,1970 911E

John Seidell,1998 Boxster

20 Years

Kirk Harper,1973 911E

Charles Kolstad,2002 911 Carrera Gray

Robert Lonski,1986 944 Turbo

Daniel Seligson,1995 911 Carrera

David Tchankotadze,1995 911 Carrera

15 Years

Paul De Martini,1997 911 Carrera Black

Christopher Provo,2005 911 GT3 Atlas Grey

Dan Sandru,1994 968 Iris Blue

Mark Williams,2005 911 Carrera White

10 Years

Fred Bamber 2009 911 Carrera Gray

Harold Greathouse,1963 356 Green

Roy Latka,1955 356 Silver

5 Years

James Badger,2015 911 GT3 Black

Jonathan Bernbaum,2015 911 GT3 Black

Joe Gasperetti,2017 911 Carrera Cabriolet Carmine Red

YeongChia Han,2005 911 CarreraS Atlas Grey

Michael Karlsson,2003 911 Carrera 4S Black

Chris Kraeutle,2014 CayenneS White

Chris Luomanen,1972 914 Metallic Gold

Pavi Maragani,2012 911 CarreraS Cabriolet White

Frank Petterson,2014 BoxsterS

Vincent Puccetti,2011 Boxster Spyder White

Stefan Schaefer,2011 Panamera Turbo Metallic Blue

Jared Smith,1972 911T Red

John Tavs,2015 MacanS Silver

Patrick Wong,2011 911 Carrera GTS White

Membership Anniversary Recognition

Annual membership recognition is available to everyone. PCA automatically sends out member anniversary packets for members who have been in PCA for 25 years and up. Members who celebrate their 25th year anniversary (and up) will receive automatically receive their packets quarterly. For all others, from 5 year to 20 year anniversaries, you may go to and request materials to celebrate your anniversary. These include a letter, certificate and decal commemorating their anniversary.


Remember that your copilot/friend/mate/wife/husband/child/et al, can be added to your PCA membership and receive their own PCA account. See below for more information!

A close up of a newspaper

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That’s if for now. We’re sheltered in place, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take the baby out of the garage for a short hop…no stopping…but still have a little fun.

Cheers and stay well,

Capt. Mike

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