2018 Autocross Season Update

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2018 Autocross Season Update

We’ve been holding off on announcing dates for our 2018 autocross season due to scheduling difficulties with our Alameda Point site. We were abruptly told in mid-December last year that they would no longer be allowing our events to run at Alameda Point. The explanation we were given was that the city council has instructed the city’s Economic Development Division to focus on autonomous vehicle testing at that site. However, when we enquired about the future of the Alameda Antique Faire, we were told that it would continue at the site. This made it clear they weren’t expecting any changes to be made to the site for the vehicle testing use. And if they could accommodate the Antique Faire using the site for 12 weekends a year, there wasn’t any good reason we couldn’t also use the site for the 8 days a year we need.

We’ve written a letter to the city council laying out our arguments why we feel there is no justification to refuse our events. The letter was co-signed by 10 of our members who are Alameda residents to remind the council that this matter directly impacts their constituents, and not just a bunch of out-of-towners. Tom Greathouse (an Alameda resident) and I also appeared at the last city council meeting to speak at their open mic period, to put a face to our arguments. However, as of yet, we’ve not yet had any reply from the council members to ascertain where they stand on the matter. All they’ve said so far, is that they are looking into it. We will, of course, continue to follow up on this matter.

If you’d like to add your voice to our appeal, please don’t hesitate to email the Alameda city council members. Their email addresses are:
Mayor Trish Spencer, tspencer@alamedaca.gov
Vice Mayor Malia Vella, mvella@alamedaca.gov
Council Member Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft, mezzyashcraft@alamedaca.gov
Council Member Frank Matarrese, fmatarrese@alamedaca.gov
Council Member Jim Oddie, joddie@alamedaca.gov

Should we be unable to convince the Alameda City Council to reconsider, our Plan B venue is Crows Landing. For those of you unfamiliar with this site, it is another decommissioned Naval Air Station in the Central Valley, just off I-5, about 20 minutes south of the 580/I-5 junction. It’s not as close as Alameda, but it’s also not as far as Marina. SCCA and the Lotus Club currently also run autocross events there. We’ll have access to not just one, but two runways, in an X pattern, so it does have the advantage of allowing for more varied course layouts.

If Alameda relents and we get the days we’ve requested, our 2018 schedule will be:
March 17 Saturday AX #1 Alameda
April 22 Sunday AX #2 (Zone Event) Marina
May 27 Sunday AX #3 Alameda
June 23 Saturday AX #4 Alameda
July 7 Saturday GGR AX School Alameda
July 8 Sunday AX #5 Alameda
August 5 Sunday AX #6 (Zone Event) Marina
September 22 Saturday AX #7 Alameda
October 20 Saturday AX #8 (Zone Event) Alameda
November 17 Saturday AX #9 Alameda

The Plan B scheudule will be:
March 17 Saturday AX #1 Crows Landing
April 22 Sunday AX #2 (Zone Event) Marina
May 27 Sunday AX #3 Crows Landing
June 16 Saturday AX #4 Crows Landing
June 30 Saturday GGR AX School Crows Landing
July 1 Sunday AX #5 Crows Landing
August 5 Sunday AX #6 (Zone Event) Marina
September 15 Saturday AX #7 Crows Landing
October 27 Saturday AX #8 (Zone Event) Crows Landing
November 17 Saturday AX #9 Crows Landing


See you out there,

Andrew Blyholder

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