2016 Track Report – December 2016

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2016 Track Report – December 2016

2016 was a great year for the track program. Many new members joined us, many track junkies continued to support the program and more and more club races had fun competing. We did better than break even allowing us to buy some new equipment for 2017 and we had tremendous fun with 14 days at the northern California tracks. Our instructor core grew and we were able to take many through national instructor training. In 2016 we had lots of new members take to the track and they are now joining us on a regular basis.

Club Racing was a tremendous success in 2016. We averaged 35 race cars at Thunderhill and Buttonwillow and had 55 at Laguna Seca. The national steward’s praised GGR’s professionalism at every Club Race event. Here is an excerpt from the Laguna Seca steward’s report.

A super thank you again to Richard French and his small team to deliver a first class event. The suite for meetings, socials and family members to relax and watch the races was very appreciated. Andrew Forrest did pre-registration and Chuck Krause jumped in last minute to complete at track registration. Sharon Neidel was very helpful in race control and Karen Neidel as well in timing. Ken Mack and Dan Thompson double dipped helping with the region and jumped into green shirts to help with tech. Ken and Dan helped Jim Buckley with log book tech and incident investigation. At Laguna track exit is at Turn 10 and a scrut is needed at that post to check cars coming off track after each session. The Saturday night social at the Baja Cantina was very relaxing in a pre arranged out door setting in Carmel Valley.
— Vicki Earnshaw

As always the Track series is run by very dedicated and very experienced volunteers. A big thank you goes to Jim McClelland, Heath Spencer, Ken Mack, Dan Thompson, Sharon Neidel, Karen Neidel, David Bunch, Paul Marty, George Morris, Chuck Kolstad, Mike Tsang, Milo & Dianne Dorr and George & Shirley Neidel.

Here are the Track dates for 2017. We are still waiting for confirmation for a Club Race at Laguna Seca.

February 10 Thunderhill Instructor Training
March 18-19 Thunderhill DE / Club Race
May 27-28 Buttonwillow DE / Club Race
June 24-25 Thunderhill DE
July  22-23 Laguna Seca DE
September 2-3 Thunderhill DE / Club Race

Look forward to seeing you all in 2017.

Richard French
PCA-GGR Track Chair

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